Doctors for Nutrition have a great range of delicious and health-promoting recipes that you can download for free. I was involved in the development and reviewing of these. They are available as downloadable recipe cards. Most of the recipes can be made in under 30 minutes. You can find the recipes here.

More healthy recipes:

The how and why of cooking without oil:

It is very hard to go past the thorough explanation for the harms of eating refined oils and fats written by my colleagues Dr Malcolm Mackay and Jenny Cameron here:

This page also has information about how to cook without oil. Once you get used to cooking without oil you will wonder why you ever used it.

I consider all refined oils and fats to be junk food – pretty much pure fat with no fibre and virtually no nutrients – which displace more nutrient dense foods from your plate.

For anyone wanting to shed a few kilos, leaving out the oils. margarine and other refined fats is the easist way to easily drop a few kilos.

Youtube channels with cooking demos

  • Well Your World – a  US guy who does lots of batch cooking that is very healthy
  • Nutmeg Notebook – an older US lady who does healthy food
  • The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show
  • Simnett Nutrition – a buffed young guy who is into delicious healthy food
  • Chef AJ – new editions out every day.  Chef AJ has lots of people demonstrating healthy cooking on her channel.
  • Harshdeep Swami – a young Indian guy who does healthy Indian cooking
  • Cooking with Plants – with Australian Anja Cass